Thursday, January 14, 2010

Don't Steal My Sunshine

Cant wait to get to Malaysia. I keep saying, i know! But im really keen on looking at some prices for new camera lenses. Not saying that im going to actually buy anything, merely sussing out the options. If anything really good does come up with a really good price tag, i may just make a move.
Mean while...while i dont have the camera ive have used through out the year, my little hand held Canon has been doing the job. Sounds very lame, i know. But its quite surprising to see what it comes up with. They bring out their own feel, and the quality in the photos are still there, but i guess the depth of the photo does disappear. But that being said, i CANNOT wait to get my hand on the normal (Amanda's) camera when i get to KL.
Ive had to use my little camera for the past (nearly) month now so im quite use to it. Switching back to the "real deal" is going to be interesting, amussing and quite the challenge to see how i adjust to better equipment again.

Moving on...these are more things ive been able to come up with. Once i get to KL, ill be doing a few scenary shots, but i think i will be more concentrating on modelling shots ill be doing with Amanda and her friend Nina. Looking forward to it as its been quite some time since ive actually done a modelling photoshoot... but never the less challenging to come up with something that's different yet effective and outstanding in its quality, yet at the same time trying to keep it simple when necessary. Fun times! lol

And finally...i call these the.....

Mint Trees

Hope you guys really like them. PLEASE do comment. i do want to know what you think.
Thanks so much everyone.


PS. Just found out that photos i did for Amanda's blog have been featured on Who What Where Style Stalker. Here's the LINK. Once you enter the page, you'll see a group of photos. Amanda's on the very bottom right corner...they left the best till last. lol

Also another website that has featured Amanda's fashion statement with my photo this week (or last) is Fashionista 101. This is the LINK for that site.


"You don't need to outdo the competition. It's expensive and defensive. Underdo your competition. We need more simplicity and clarity."

 -Jason Fried-


Nichol Brooklyn said...

great job!
is that the competition that u and adam were doing the other day?

count me in... i will be happy to be the ultimate loser. i cant shoot streetscape or landscape. lolx

Girl Packs A Punch said...

your pictures are breath taking.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you are comin to Malaysia, it's nothing interesting here. Anyhow, hope you have fun with your photo shoot. =)

Amanda said...

I love all the photos!!!!!

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