Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ancient Stone

Hello fellow citizens.
Had a day out with my friend Adam. Hit the city and thought we'd try to get some random shots going. We stopped by this amazingly aged church and i got a few shots from there.
Hope you like them. Let me know your thoughts.

and finally.... while we were in the city, this wall and the pattern on it cought my attention....
I call this...

Squares Cubed


Please please do comment. I really do appreciate your comments, suggestions, ideas and encouragements! :)

Thanks everyone!

Ps. Just so you guys know, i'll be out of blogging action for some time (dont know exactly for how long). Need time to get some new material for the blog, but also using it as an opportunity to focus on other things. Hope to get some material from Malaysia when i head over then in 2 and a half weeks to see my amazing lady. We'll come back together so thats the happy ending of that story. lol

I'm currently doing some editing photos from a photoshoot i did for my brother who's working on his own it might happen that i may post something (from that) before i fly out. See what happens...Keep watching this space ;)

Take Care All :)


"Friendship is one mind in two bodies."



Anonymous said...

I like the 2nd piece, nice arrangement!

Nichol Brooklyn said...

sick as buddy!!!

Ashley said...

Wow the photos of the church are gorgeous!! I love all the different perspectives.

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