Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Port of Adelaide

It was my mums birthday yesterday. she turned....actually i wont say so that mum doesnt feel offended by it, but lets say that she looks alot younger than what her real age is!
On top of that, it was Mandy's mum's birthday yesterday too. so HAPPY BIRTHDAY to both of them!


So Mandy and i went to Port Adelaide much earlier this year, probably around early March, so these photos are a little older, but we reckon they came out quite well. Mandy's quite the model. we had a great time. we took around 400+ photos that time, but these were the best ones on our opinion.
Even though they were taken a while ago, i thought id still share them with you.




(taken in Port Adelaide, South Australia)

Mandy was the one to edit these ones, so alot of credit goes to her. They turned out great. they were taken with a standard lense sothey turned out quite well considering the lense. Through out the mid year break for Uni, Mandy got a fixed lense from Malaysia for the camera. Now that new lense does amazing things! I will eventually post photos taken from the newer lense. I'll tell you which ones they are but im sure you'll see the difference yourselves.

**If you enjoy the fashion going on in these photos, this is only the beginning. head to the Not So Naked blog and you'll see so much more. Go there now, you know you want to.

Anyways, thats it for me for another post. Hope you enjoyed the photos.
You can find my facebook on facebook.com/tommiboy. I have more photos up. It may happen that you can only see them if your my friend, so feel free to add me.
Peace Out & Rock On.



"Every man dies. But not every man really lives."
-William Wallace-


Nina said...

I LOVE the desaturated one with the coloured scarf. It's something you'd really see in magazines I think! =) Good job!

kuluth said...

like your work..you have great eye..pics are wonderful..

Anonymous said...

amateurish. portrait photography doesn't seem to be your best trait. drop it.

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