Friday, September 25, 2009

The Medieval Hill

(taken in Waterfall Gully)

So this is the last photo from Waterfall Gully. i did edited heavily, but the reason for that was to get a an older look with out using sepia as such. i still wanted the green leaves to stand out with their own colour.
not my best editing as you can tell, but i like it because it does bring out something different.

Anyways, enough from me, back to my uni work. im on mid semester break and have 3 majors to start and finish by the end of nxt week. sooooo crazy.
Feel free to have a look at my facebook where i have heaps more photos. i havent got much going her yet coz ive only just started this blog.

so peace out...and Rock On ;)


Ps. have a look at Amanda's blog, Not So Naked. shes pulling out some great but very different styles. shes one creative lady. must not forget Chanelle who's been working hard with the blog too. check em out....NOW! :P and while your at it, check out their Not So Naked ebay store.


"Experience is one thing you can't get for nothing."
- Oscar Wilde-


Amanda said...

hey my t-bomb! like your photos! xx

Beth said...

Gorgeous photo, looks like such a beautiful place!
And great quote too ;)

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